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Your First Visit

What will my first visit to the office be like? 

What is Periodontal disease?

What is Scaling and Root Planing?


1. What will my first visit to the office be like?

Your initial visit will last approximately an hour and half. You will start with the hygienist, who will carefully review your medical history and assess your overall health. The hygienist will take a full set of Xray to help complete the comprehensive oral examination, which includes;

  • pocket measuring which helps determine your periodontal health(gums, bone height)
  • evaluating your dental hygiene, oral daily routines, and plaque accumulation
  • assessing and noting existing fillings on your teeth, and any areas of pain and sensitivity
  • noting signs of bruxism(grinding), and/or clenching
  • oral cancer screening

Once the hygienist has gathered this information, she will talk to the patient about her findings,and their needs, and make any necessary suggestions.The doctor, will step in and together with the patient and the hygienist work together to develop the necessary treatment plan. You may get a cleaning at this initial appointment,depending of the complexity of your periodontal (gum and bone)health.

If you are in good periodontal health (no "gum" disease), the hygienist will do a prophylaxis cleaning, and discuss oral hygiene techniques that may help improve the daily removal of plaque.  If you have periodontal disease (gum disease),the most common form of treatment is Scaling and Root planning.This initial therapy may take up to 4 visits, depending on the severity of the periodontal disease. If you have periodontal disease, you will find more information here.

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2. What is Periodontal disease?

"Gum disease", as it is commonly called, is the bacterial attack of the supporting structures of the teeth resulting in the deterioration of the gum tissues as well as supporting bone and can contribute to the loss of teeth.The disease begins with gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), and when it becames chronic, it progresses to periodontitis (bone loss) when left untreated.

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3. What is Scaling and Root planning?

Scaling and Root planning is the most common and conservative form of treatment for periodontal(gum) disease. Scaling is the removal of calculus (commonly called tartar) and plaque that attach to the tooth surfaces. The process especially targets the area below the gum line, along the root. Plaque is a sticky surface, full of bacteria,that forms on teeth. When plaque hardens over time, it is called calculus. Plaque and calculus is stick to rough surfaces. For this reason, the root surface is made smooth in a process called root planning. Root planning removes any remaining calculus and smoothes irregular areas of the root surface.

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