Proper Emergency Care Saves Teeth

One of the main reasons people require emergency dental care is due to sports injuries. Many sports injuries lead to heavy bleeding and damage to the overall mouth area. Two of the most common dental sports injuries involve a tooth being either knocked out or broken.

Avulsion (tooth knocked out)

Never handle the tooth by the root. Never brush or scrub the tooth. Never sterilize the tooth. If there is any debris on the tooth, rinse it gently with water. If the person is conscious and alert, try to re-implant the tooth by having them gently bite down on a handkerchief or towel. If you are unable to reimplant, place the tooth in cold milk. If cold milk is unavailable, wrap the tooth in saline-soaked gauze. If that, too, is unavailable, then place the tooth under their tongue if they are alert and conscious. If not, place the tooth in a cup of water. Immediately bring them and their knocked-out tooth to Cherry Creek Family Dentistry in Littleton, Colorado.

Fracture (tooth broken)

If the tooth breaks in half, save the broken portion and bring it to Cherry Creek Family Dentistry as described under Avulsion. Have the person who broke their tooth gently bite on a handkerchief or towel to control bleeding and stabilize the portion of the tooth left in their mouth. Immediately bring them and their tooth fragments to Cherry Creek Family Dentistry.

Prevent dental sports injuries

If you participate in a contact sport, you are at high risk for injury, including mouth and dental injuries. An effective way to prevent injuring your teeth is to wear a mouthguard at all times – during practice and competition. At Cherry Creek Family Dentistry, we can create a sports mouthguard customized just for you.

For emergency dental care in Littleton, Colorado, trust Cherry Creek Family Dentistry. Our team of experts can fix even the most badly damaged teeth. To learn more about emergency care for dental sports injuries or to order our custom sports mouthguards, call us at 303-321-1323. You can also request an appointment online.