We Appreciate Your Referrals

At Cherry Creek Family Dentistry, we appreciate your referrals of family and friends. We promise to provide the same great care we would for our own family members and friends.

As a thank you for your referrals*, we offer a patient referral program. For every referral of a non-dependent family member or friend we will give you a $50 Amazon Gift Card. In addition to the gift card, your name will be entered into a quarterly drawing for a fantastic grand prize!

Stay tuned for the next winner! To learn more about our patient referral program, call Cherry Creek Family Dentistry in Denver Colorado at 303-321-1323 *Excludes spouses and dependent family members.

 See Some Of Our Past Winning Patients!

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Award Winning Dentist in LittletonYou deserve quality dental care where the focus is on your comfort.

Attentive care has been the hallmark of Cherry Creek Family Dentistry in Denver, Colorado since 1982.

Our low-stress environment and soft-touch dentistry makes your visits comfortable and easy. We offer the latest dental technologies and procedures to ensure that you receive the most effective care possible. Additionally, you’ll find easy access to specialty oral care in the same building, including an endodontist, oral surgeon and orthodontist.

We Know How Important Your Smile Is

Good dental health takes work and we can ensure your smile looks it’s best!

Stop by our office and meet Stephen D. Barker, DDS, Brian J. Svoboda, DDS, Alison Hoover, DDS & Shane Bowen, DDS. Drawing on over a half-century of experience, the gentle and compassionate team of doctors at Cherry Creek Family Dentistry provide their family of patients with the state of the art expertise and old fashioned personal care. Call For An Appointment.

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At Cherry Creek Family Dentistry, our professionally trained staff works together to bring you the highest quality dental treatments with a personalized approach. We offer comprehensive dental care that includes: Cosmetic DentistryDental ImplantsDental Sports InjuriesZoom! Whitening and No Fear Dentistry!

Caring For Colorado’s Finest Professional Athletes

We have experience with sports-related dental injuries for anyone that takes their game seriously!

Caring for athletes and their dental health is a passion of all the doctors at Cherry Creek Family Dentistry. Dr. Barker, Dr. Svoboda and Dr. Hoover are extremely fortunate to be associated with these outstanding organizations and can be found cheering the teams on at most games. Read more about our team spirit!

General Dentistry

We provide dental care to the whole family! General dentistry includes education, general evaluation and cleaning, x-rays, and emergency dental services. We recommend patients visit one of our Denver dentists at least twice a year for an exam and a cleaning by a hygienist. And we welcome calls to inquire about our other dental care services at any time.

Fillings and Root Canals

Fillings and root canals address certain dental problems. When our dentists treat cavities, they will remove decayed areas and fill spaces with tooth-colored fillings. Sometimes fillings require replacement if it’s been a long time since that filling was placed.

When a cavity is too large or the tooth experiences trauma down to the nerve, we perform root canals to manage the problem and prevent it from getting worse. If you’re experiencing pain from either of these issues, don’t postpone your dental needs; contact our office to schedule an appointment to take care of your teeth as soon as possible.

Pediatric Dentistry

It’s important that not only adults receive dental services, but children as well. Having your child start as early as when the first tooth appears can help prevent potential problems as well as make them feel comfortable at the dentist office.


In order to protect your child from cavities and future dental work for tooth decay, we place sealants, a safe and painless process, on most children’s teeth.

Specialty Dentistry

Among all of our other services, we also provide specialty dentistry including snore-aide devices, mouth guards, and treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). These specialties can often require custom guards to prevent or treat the problem. Fortunately, our experienced dentists can offer education and treatment to you. Call us today to schedule an appointment so we can help you with any of these problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Worried about how your smile looks? Unable to chew or having difficulty speaking because of missing teeth? Our cosmetic dentistry using state-of-the-art technology helps you address your concerns so you can be proud of your smile and use your teeth the way they were intended!

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a cap that covers a tooth to provide support or protection. Crowns are often needed after a patient has a root canal. Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth. We place a crown on the adjacent teeth with a fake tooth in the space between.

Dental Implants

People often think of dental implants when they think of cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry. Dental implants are the longest-lasting, most stable solution to missing teeth. Because implants are anchored into the jawbone, they help reduce the bone loss that can result when one or more teeth are missing. Each tooth can be replaced with an implant, or a few implants can support a partial bridge or an entire dental arch.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

One common complaint a dentist hears from patients is that they’re unhappy with their smile, especially with the color of their teeth. Discoloration from food, tobacco, coffee, and even general aging affects tooth appearance. Cherry Creek Dentistry offers Zoom teeth whitening to our patients. You’ll see a noticeable change in one day! Your smile is important to us. Allow our dentists to help you perfect it! Call our dental practice today so we can get you on your way to a whiter smile.


Most people feel insecure with teeth missing, and find it difficult to eat. We want you to show off your smile and feel comfortable doing so! Partial and full dentures can be crafted so patients feel more confident about their smile while allowing their teeth to be functional again.