Extractions And Oral Surgery

Teeth need to be extracted for many reasons: fracture, large cavities that cannot be fixed, pain, swelling, periodontal disease and to prevent further disease of viable teeth and broken teeth.

This is a very important medical topic since the loss of a tooth is one of the primary indicators of oral health in both younger and older populations and, therefore, this is one of the favorite variables considered in much of today’s professional dental research!

The study of missing teeth in a population group can be very useful to help find whether the proper levels of dental hygiene are sufficient or whether proper oral care is available or adequate. An examination of hygiene education and other issues related to the individual’s environment can be made when the dental records of different population groups are compared and contrasted.

Multiple important factors can be used to compare populations groups that are very similar, and a continually growing number of dental records are available to diagnose oral health levels within our communities.  At Cherry Creek Family Dentistry we specialize in this specific type of dental care and provide tooth extractions in the most comfortable, painless means available. 

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