Choosing a dentist is not always easy. Each visit to the dentist is its own unique experience and you deserve the best of care every time. At Cherry Creek Family Dentistry, we strive to earn your trust so the decision to join our family of radiant smiles is one you will be happy about for years to come. During your first visit, you should be able to determine if this is the right dental practice for you.

Consider the following:

  • Is the appointment schedule convenient for you?
  • Is the office easy to get to from your home or job?
  • Does the office appear to be clean, neat and orderly?
  • Was your medical and dental history recorded and placed in a permanent file?
  • Does the dentist explain techniques that will help you prevent dental health problems?
  • Is dental health instruction provided?
  • If treatment was recommended, do you understand the procedures that are to be performed?
  • Are there options for dental anxiety such as nitrous oxide or sedation?
  • Are special arrangements made for handling emergencies outside of office hours?
  • Is information provided about fees and payment plans before treatment is scheduled?
  • Did you discuss your wishes for your smile such as whiter or straighter teeth?

We recognize that we are partners in maintaining your oral health and want to make sure you are comfortable and happy with the dental care you receive. We sincerely hope you will choose us as your family’s dental care providers.