all-on-4 dental implantAll-on-4 dental implants can be the ideal permanent tooth replacement option when you are missing several teeth or no longer have any natural teeth. While traditional dental implant surgery requires up to 10 implants to hold your new teeth in place, you only need a total of four implants per jaw with All-on-4.During All-on-4 oral surgery, Dr. Barker, Dr. Hoover, or Dr. Svoboda of Cherry Creek Family Dentistry in Littleton, Colorado places the implants in bulky areas of your j bone. Your dentist chooses the strongest bone that can resist atrophy the best and then angles the implants in a precise manner for the placement of your new artificial teeth.

All-on-4 Benefits to Consider

The All-on-4 dental implant procedure is quick and efficient compared to traditional dental implant surgery that requires multiple surgeries with a long recovery between each one. While most people still prefer dental implants to removable dentures because of the natural look and durability, All-on-4 offers some very specific benefits. These include:

  • Only one surgery: With this type of dental implant, your dentist installs the artificial roots and your replacement teeth all in the same day. That means no more waiting several weeks to months between appointments for your jaws to heal. There’s also no wait for the process of osseointegration to take place. This term refers to the fusing of your new tooth roots with you jawbone.
  • Bone grafting rarely required: Because your dentist selects the bulkiest areas of your jaw to place the implants, it is unlikely you will need a bone graft ahead of time. Bone grafting requires removing small fragments of bone from one area of your jaw and transferring them to the areas receiving the implants. This is more common with traditional dental implant surgery and can add to the total treatment time.
  • Shorter recovery time: You can expect a recovery time after receiving All-on-4 dental implants of approximately one week. During this time, you will need to eat soft foods and possibly take over-the-counter pain relief. Your oral surgery team at Cherry Creek Family Dentistry will discuss your diet and pain relief concerns during your recovery before you leave our office on the day of your All-on-4 appointment.
  • Saves money: You could potentially save significant money by not having to return for additional surgeries and follow-up appointments as is typically necessary with the typical implant procedure.

All tooth replacement options have pros and cons. You should base your decision on your individual goals and needs as well as financial considerations. It is always a good idea to check your dental insurance coverage to determine coverage for the various types of oral surgery. We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Barker, Dr. Hoover, or Dr. Svoboda to learn more about this procedure so you can determine if it’s the right one for you.